Election 2016

While the Election is fast-approaching (less than two weeks!) it is crunch-time for both candidates and voters. The candidates will be in a full-out sprint to reach the finish line and win the race, while the voters (most of whom are undecided) will have to quickly make a decision as to whom they prefer run the country for the next four years.

With this being said, many last-minute efforts to mobilize voters and persuade them in favor of one candidate over the other are currently taking place. This week, at Franciscan University, three professors held a panel on the election, where they each gave their opinion, endorsement, and held an open-discussion session afterwards. I think what they had to say about the election needs to be heard.

The first speaker was my theology professor who, being greatly attuned to the Church’s teachings, endorsed Mr. Donald Trump. He argued first that Mr. Trump, although not an ideal character, a work-in-progress so to speak, at least has respect for the “babies and Benghazi,” whereas Secretary Clinton clearly does not. Her stance on abortion is nothing less than atrocious.

Edmund Burke once wrote that “There ought to be a system of manners in every nation which a well-formed mind would be disposed to relish. To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.” And so I pose the question: What is lovely about abortion, recklessly endangering the lives of our soldiers abroad, or disregarding the Word and command of God? I’m not saying that Mr. Trump is by any means ‘lovely,’, but he has yet to have the chance to put his promised policies in action and prove them to be unlovely. Secretary Clinton, on the other hand, has already proved to us that she cannot properly or responsibly use the power given to her.

The second speaker at the panel was a Political Science professor. He had a different opinion. He mostly contrasted Clinton’s and Trump’s foreign policy awareness. While Clinton made a disaster in the Middle East (among other places) and has failed to recognize the fragility of Russian/American diplomacy, Trump at least recognizes the importance of making good relations with Putin. He further analyzed the situation and came to the conclusion that both Trump and Clinton are horrible choices, and he cannot endorse either of them. However, he says that while he does not want to vote for Trump,  he absolutely recognizes that it would be even worse to vote for Clinton.

Finally, the third speaker was my current Political Science professor. He had yet another view. He argued that we should by no means vote for either candidate. They are both corrupt and would most likely create irreparable damage to the face of this nation and our standing in foreign relations. Neither have the character fit for a president. A criminal and loud-mouth. Thank you, America, for making this such an appealing election. Our Founding Fathers would be oh so proud of us. However, we should still vote. It is a basic right we have that hopefully, unlike many other basic rights, will not be threatened by a Clinton any time soon.

So go out and vote. But vote your conscious. Vote wisely even though neither candidate is wise. Vote proudly. Vote Life.


One thought on “Election 2016

  1. Very well said. Excellent and to the point. Remember there are those you can never get across to. They are who they are and will always be. There are many close minded people out there and even more who are afraid to tell people what they truly think.

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